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Welcome to the CCFR website

The Colon Cancer Family Registry (University of Southern California Consortium) is comprised of 7 centers throughout the United States. These centers are located at Dartmouth Medical School (DMS), University of Southern California (USC), University of Colorado (UC), University of Arizona (UA), Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF), University of North Carolina (UNC) and University of Minnesota (UMN). The USC Consortium is part of an international consortium with a data center at Research Triangle Institute (RTI).

The Registry has entered Phase 3, a 5 year renewal. The data collection systems have migrated from a 4th Dimension-based database to a Sybase databse with a web-based user interface.


New items include the Phase 3 Scope of Work and the Links section. The various download sections have been combined in an effort to make things more easy to find.

NEW ITEMS! The Downloads section now hosts the Phase 3 Risk Factor and Phase 3 Followup Questionnaires (pdf)

Soon to be available is a user guide for the web-based data entry system, updates to the protocol manual for minority-focused sites and updated staff listings.

Previous CCFRC Newsletters remain available!

As always, please contact the web person if you need any assistance.