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Unless otherwise noted, all documents are in .PDF format

Phase 3 files

Phase 2 files

Note: Most of these are here for archival purposes, only
  • Latest bio-specimen handling protocol

    A .doc file [Added October 5, 2005]

  • Revised components of the Phase3_RFQ data entry program

    A .zip file [Added January 10, 2005]

  • The Phase 2 RFQ Data Entry program (v3.3) installer

    Note: This is an installer (.exe file) -- some firewalls may prevent the downloading of such programs. If this is the case with you, please contact your network administrator for assistance.

  • v3.4 Update for Phase 2 RFQ Data Entry Program: RFQ_ Phase3.4DB, RFQ_Phase3.4DR

    There are two files you need: .4DB (database) file and .4DR. Drop each into your 4DRun\Phase 3 RFQ folder and say "YES" each time
    you are asked if you wish to over-write an existing file. While this will not affect your data, it is a good idea to copy your data (.4DD)
    file elsewhere before installing these updates.

    Note: This update will still show as being v3.3 at the purple "splash" screen, but it is, indeed, v3.4.

  • How-To Install and Initiate the Phase 3 RFQ entry program

    A .PDF file [Created March 10, 2004]

  • Phase 2 RFQ Data Entry Manual v3.2

    (page 22 has export/upload instructions)

  • Family History, Supplemental Questionnaire Manual

    (v2b) [Revised March 25, 2003] (bookmarks added)

  • RFQ Add-On Question (j2b)

    [Revised March 25, 2003]

Phase 1 Files

Note: Currently archived; links removed temporarily